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The Book Lover's Gift Guide

Let's be honest. Buying the perfect Christmas gift for your best friend, partner, or family member can be, well, not exactly holly jolly. You may be thinking, "Oh, thank you God, Person X loves books. I'll get them something book related!"

That's great. You should certainly get them something book related, but the world of bookish gifts is about as vast as the Library of Congress. From fandom specific merch to reading-related gifts, finding the perfect present may be a bit more complicated than you think.

That's why I've put together this book lover's gift guide. Whether you're shopping for someone or for yourself, here are some of my favorite bookish gifts on the internet.

Library Candle

Nothing gets a book lover going like the smell of books: the slightly musky scent of used tomes, the cozy aroma of coffee mixing in. It's practically heaven. You can let your bookish friends recreate that smell in their own homes with the Library candle from Homesick.

Bookish Decals

Is this just a sticker? Sure, it's just a sticker, but from your phone to your computer to a notebook, there's always somewhere to stick a reader-related decal. Plus, as an avid reader, I want other readers to see my stickers and know there's a fellow book nerd around. Grab a few of these from RedBubble as stocking stuffers, and you'll have a very happy reader.

Bookish Pillows

From graphic pillows like this adorable one from Etsy to Harry Potter-themed sequin cushions like the one I have, a bookish pillow is always a great gift. Put it on your couch, your bed, or use it to prop up that book you're reading. They're a perfect novelty item any bookworm will love.

Fandom Sweatshirts

There's no better way to communicate your fandom with others than to wear it. Snag a Camp Half-Blood hoodie or a Hogwarts tee maybe even something a bit more niche like the Monmouth Manufacturing Hoodie (hello, Raven Boys fans) I personally want for Christmas. Watching people spot a fellow fan is the best feeling.

Themed Bookmarks

If you're purchasing a gift for a loved one and know their favorite book or series, buy them a pair of character-themed bookmarks. One look at Bookstagram and you'll see that these babies are ultra-popular, and there are about 1 million (okay, I'm exaggerating) different versions to choose from.


People need things to carry all those books in, right? Why not a bookish tote? Snag one of the several over at Out of Print. Not only are they gorgeously designed, but they're affordable as well.


There may be those who want something a bit more subtle when it comes to wearable book merch. Jewelry is a fantastic choice. This Alice in Wonderland necklace is dainty and simple, and it's much less obvious than, you know, a sweatshirt.

Cozy Socks

Every reader wants to be cozy while they snuggle up with a good book. Keep those toes warm with the perfect pair of literary-themed socks.


Tea drinker? You need a mug. Coffee drinker? You need a mug. Wine drinker? Sure, you need a mug, too. If your person (or you) is a writer as well as a reader, this product from BookRiot is even better.

Bookish Accessorie

I'm biased when it comes to this gift because I'm both a cat lover and a book lover. This cats on book stacks beanie makes me want to cry with excitement.

Whether you're looking for a bookish gift guide for yourself or a book lover's gift guide to shop for friends and family, hopefully, you've got plenty of inspiration now.

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