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Halloween Books For Your Spooky Season Reads

Spooky season is upon us! If you haven't watched Hocus Pocus or my personal favorite, The Corpse Bride, yet, what are you even doing? Maybe you have started watching scary movies and are marathoning The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Good for you, but you also need some Halloween books for your spooky season reads. I've got you covered.

While not all these books happen at Halloween specifically, they're the spookiest of the spooky, the most autumnal of the fall reads, and you should grab at least one before October ends.

Here are 8 of the best fall books for spooky season.

1. White Cat by Holly Black

The Curseworkers Trilogy by Holly Black is certainly one of her most underrated works. While Black is known for her most recent Folk of the Air novels including the hit The Cruel Prince, she's been writing for a while now. I should know, I've been in love with her books since her debut Tithe.

Curseworkers was, in my opinion, ahead of its time and centers on a family of con-artist criminals who have the ability to manipulate everything from emotions to luck. Cassel is the only member of the family without power, and he suspects that he's being used in a long con that he knows nothing about. Oh, and he may have killed his best friend. While Curseworkers won't scare you out of your seat, it is a riveting ride that will give you the thriller vibe you may be seeking if you're not into true scares.

Get it here.

2. The Dreadful Tale of Prosper Redding by Alexandra Bracken

If you love middle grade, you're going to need to scoop up this spooky read immediately. Alexandra Bracken is most well-known for her YA series The Darkest Minds (which was made into a film last year). However, she took a turn into middle grade back in 2017, and it was spooky and amazing and set at Halloween to boot!

Prosper Redding has a demon inside him. Yes, really, and he's kind of mouthy. The demon, named Alastor, has an ax to grind and is out to destroy the Redding. Now, Prosper only has a few days to get rid of Alastor before he can carry out his plan.

A little spooky, a lot of funny, and basically like living in Stars Hollow for a bit, this novel is perfect for the season.

Get it here.

3. The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black

Look, I told you I love Holly Black, okay? Yes, there is a second book of hers on this list, but I promise, you'll thank me.

Black is known as the queen of faeries thanks to her YA debut Tithe and subsequent novels Valient and Ironside (what, I told you I love her!). She came back to the world of fae with The Darkest Part of the Forest, a novel about a brother and sister who live in Fairfold, a city where fae and humans live in close proximity to one another, and yes, the humans know about the fae.

In the center of the forest in there's a glass coffin with a fae prince asleep inside. Both the protagonist Hazel and her brother Ben have dreamed about the prince waking up, and well, he does. Trouble ensues. From the creepy forest setting to the romance, this novel is perfect to curl up in bed with this fall.

Get it here.

4. Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake

Fall reads are all about the atmosphere for me, and Three Dark Crowns has tons of it. This novel is the first in a quartet by Blake, and the series just wrapped up in September. In fact, I'm currently reading the final novel. If you haven't started these novels, though, you should.

Three Dark Crowns introduces reads to the island of Fennbirn where a queen reigns until she gives birth to triplets, each with a different power. From elemental magic to being able to ingest poisons to being able to control nature, they're strong. However, once they're of age, the triplets will fight to the death to be the one and only queen. Yes, the sisters must kill one another. This novel centers on sisters Katherine, Mirabella, and Arsinoe who are the next to compete.

From the world-building to the characters, these novels are perfect, and I promise you'll fly through it during spooky season.

Get it here.

5. The Hazelwood by Melissa Albert

Melissa Albert's The Hazelwood knocked my socks off. You know those books that you keep thinking about even after you finish them months later? That's this novel for me. Not only is it a book about books, but it's got this creepy fairytale meets modern world vibe that I haven't really seen lately.

The story follows Alice whose grandmother is the author of a collection of cult-classic fairy tales. Alice and her mother don't have contact with her, but when she dies, Alice's mom is stolen away by one of the creatures from the book.

Yes, it's everything you want. Yes, it's a book lover's dream.

Get it here.

6. The Diviners by Libba Bray

If you want a read that will make you too scared to read at night, I am pleased to introduce you to Libba Bray's The Diviners. This novel is the first in a quartet, and while every book so far (the fourth comes out next year) has been amazing, the first novel is still my favorite.

In The Diviners, you meet Evie O'Neill, a girl who wants adventure and fun in New York City but has been banished to her Uncle Will's museum for the occult. The reason she was sent? Evie's got powers of her own. She can see people's futures and pasts by touching objects, and she may just help solve a creepy occult murder with them.

This book is definitely a scenario where I've saved the best for last. If you truly want a scary read, grab this.

Get it here.

Honorable (and Unread) Mentions

There are two new releases from the beginning of October that I haven't had a chance to read yet. However, I'm going to include them here because of the hype they're both getting.

Leigh Bardugo's Ninth House tells the story of Galaxy (Alex) Stern who is given a full-ride to Yale under the provision that she'll monitor the university's secret societies and their occult activities. Other than that, I don't know much, but I know I can't wait to read it (as soon as my husband finishes it). Get it here.

Then, there's Renee Ahdieh's The Beautiful. If you've missed vampires in YA, she's helping to bring them back. Her latest novel is set in 1800s New Orleans and features (what is likely a sexy) cult of vampires, a girl with a seeming secret, and do you need to know more? Get it here.

If your October TBR isn't full, and you need a Halloween read for your spooky season books, hopefully, you'll find one here.

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